Each September, IABC celebrates the spirit of volunteerism with programming on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). To make an impact on our community as so many nonprofits are facing challenges, IABC/OC partnered with OneOC, which connects nonprofits with companies and organizations just like ours.

Among the many amazing programs OneOC manages is the Community Cup Charity Challenge, presented virtually on Sept. 21. Through the challenge, members of the IABC/OC Board were among 39 organizations that provided pro bono marketing and communications guidance to help 37 local nonprofits. IABC/OC supported Arts & Learning Conservatory, Thomas House Family Shelter, and Southern California Hospice Foundation. It’s IABC/OC’s privilege to partner with each of these groups that are addressing critical needs in our community.

“I can’t thank you and your team enough for your incredible support and it was so wonderful meeting with you today! Thank you again for your amazing support,” Michelle Wulfestieg, executive director, Southern California Hospice Foundation.

This will be a rapid-response strategic initiative is aimed at helping participating Orange County nonprofit organizations advance their fundraising initiatives and increase their visibility.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today and provide such a detailed list of ideas for Arts & Learning to move forward! I look forward to sharing this information with my organization,” Morgan Holcomb, social media and communications specialist, Arts & Learning Conservatory.

The IABC/OC volunteer team for the Community Cup Charity Challenge, led by Lisa Thomas, vice president of administration, and Kim Evans, vice president of membership, also included Elaine Marshall, president of IndyComm, Laura Perdew, president-elect, and Cara Raffele, president. With more than 60 hours of professional consulting time, the team provided services valued at roughly $10,000. Overall, the Community Cup Charity Challenge provided nearly $400,000 in products and services to the local nonprofits.

“Thank you so much for volunteering your services and time. We look forward to this partnership,” Ria Martinson, development manager, Thomas House Family Shelter.

If you are interested in participating in IABC Orange County activities, such as participation in the Community Cup Charity Challenge, contact Kim Evans.

Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas
VP, Administration

Each September, IABC celebrates the spirit of volunteerism with a program about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This year, when so many businesses are facing challenges, IABC/OC is partnering with OneOC, an organization that connects companies and nonprofits together to make a greater impact on our community.

Among the many amazing programs they manage is the Community Cup Charity Challenge, which will be done virtually this year. One area of need that IABC has been asked to participate in is providing marketing and communications expertise to help nonprofits navigate through the current climate.
I am excited to announce that we will be providing a team of marketing experts to consult with some wonderful organizations. This is a rapid response strategic initiative to guide them on their way.
Given IABC’s commitment to CSR, I can’t think of a better group than ours to step up and help our community. This is a need that will continue beyond this competition. If you would like to be paired with a nonprofit as an ongoing service, please let us know. We’ll be happy to connect you with OneOC.
Thank you!
VP of Administration, IABC Orange County
Laura Perdew
Laura Perdew, VP-Communications; President-Elect

Dear fellow communicators, I hope that you, your loved ones, and colleagues are all healthy and safe.

As the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the rhythm and productivity of business and daily life, we’re experiencing not just the effects of this global health and economic crisis but also a crisis in confidence. The amount and discordance of information can, at times, be unsettling. Even as we begin to reopen the economy, uncertainty creeps in. What will reemergence look like? Will there be dire consequences for missteps? Will the organization I represent survive? How can I best help to keep my community safe? As communicators, it is our responsibility to provide clarity, give voice to those we serve, and help keep them and their stakeholders informed. Keeping the lines of forthcoming, accurate, and timely communication open has never been so critical.

Whether your specialty is in corporate communications, external communications, technical writing, graphics, government relations, or one of the myriad other skills in the field of communications, you help to keep your community, and by extension, the world informed.

As members of IABC, we are bolstered by a 50-years-strong global network of industry professionals and resources. I encourage you to continue to tap into the vast network and educational opportunities available to you through IABC International and your Orange County chapter. Check out the COVID-19 resources, and access The Hub, IABC’s online community, to ask questions and get help from colleagues from the next county over and across the globe. Get answers, get help.

I encourage you to connect with fellow IABC Orange County members and chapter board members, and attend our virtual events, and hopefully again not too far in the future, face-to-face events. To provide increased access during this crisis, we are offering our webinars at no cost. Join us for a timely webinar on Wednesday, May 27, as we hear author and crisis communications expert Doug Levy discuss what comes after COVID-19 for communications. See our Events section to learn more.

Although we may be adhering to social distancing measures, no one is facing this challenge alone. Communication professionals help bind society together. We are called upon to craft messages that promote unity, courage, and hope as we fight the fight of our lives and approach our new normal.

Thank you all for practicing with such integrity on a different kind of front line.

Laura Perdew
VP, Communications; President-Elect
IABC Orange County

Cara Raffele, President, IABC/OC 2020
Cara Raffele, President, IABC/OC

2020: A New Decade with Renewed Influence

As we begin 2020 with renewed energy and set our sights on achieving new heights, we can all benefit from continuing education to help us advance professionally and personally. More than ever before, information is the key to achieving and maintaining influence in an ever-changing and rapidly evolving communications landscape.

In addition, it’s no longer sufficient to simply own our own areas of expertise. We also must evolve as integrated communications professionals who drive digital transformation throughout organizations, and commit to mastering a broad spectrum of disciplines, from video content to global communications and everything in between­ — whether or not we are personally responsible for execution.

As I step into the role of president this year, I’m proud to say that the IABC/OC board of directors is planning exceptional opportunities for mid- to senior-level communication professionals to learn from their peers and experts leading local and global companies. In addition to covering video as a storytelling tool earlier this month, this year our programming includes a deep dive into the science of communications, executive communications, a case study in corporate social responsibility, as well as a look at successful tactics for local through global communications, and much more.

IABC members have access to many additional resources from online learning and conferences to highly regarded industry certifications. There’s also an online community, The Hub, where members can connect and ask questions to help them find solutions to challenges small and large.

In a world of digital connection, our interpersonal relationships take on a deeper meaning and have become even more critical in our personal lives and professional success. IABC/OC provides opportunities for communications professionals to connect face-to-face and deepen meaningful bonds, and not only with those in the same discipline but also in the others in complementary fields. So reach out and learn this year!

I encourage you to attend our events and connect with the incredible pool of talented people in our industry. And if you have any questions or would like an introduction, don’t hesitate to contact me at craffele@manifest7.com.

Here’s to a year of influence!

Cara Raffele
President, IABC Orange County


Thanks! And cheers for a new decade of IABC

Don’t look now, but here come the ‘20s. It’s shaping up to be a roaring decade for IABC Orange County.

Cara Raffele, this year’s IABC/OC president elect and ManifestSeven‘s VP of marketing, is in the wings, ready to take over as president in January. Laura Perdew, senior director of communications at the Greater Irvine Chamber, is on the ballot to be IABC/OC’s 2020 VP of communications and president-elect. And Elaine Marshall, president of Empowered Public Relations, is stepping up to lead our IndyComm program. Elaine succeeds IABC/OC legend and IndyComm founding mother Claudia Miller, who is retiring after 30 years on our board (wow!).

Cara, Laura and Elaine have been superstars in 2019, so I know they will propel us to the next level in the new year and beyond.

Before we leave the 20-teens, though, I want to say thank you to you. As I wrote back in May, you are the IABC/OC brand.

Thanks for being with us for a year of innovative events — as we broke a few eggs. We experimented with new topics, new venues, new formats, and a range of price tags to meet the changing needs, desires, and schedules of 21st-century Orange County communicators.

Highlights for me included cycling on a July afternoon with you and Don DiCostanzo, CEO and co-founder of Pedego Electric Bikes, after picking his brain in an enlightening panel discussion about marketing, branding, and publications. A month earlier, a large crowd of you turned out for IABC/OC’s first ever breakfast event, as we explored what communications professional can learn from O.C.’s emerging cannabis industry. And last month, at our annual Communications Forecast, you showed that classic lunch events are still convenient and engaging for many working professionals.

When we started 2019, I asked the board, “Why do we do this?” What makes IABC so important to us?

A big part of the answer was this: We belong to IABC for the opportunities to learn. But even more important, we’re here for the opportunities to support one another in our careers and lives.

So I’m most proud of the events that tackled that mission head-on:

  • In May, we held our Midyear Career Reboot networking event at the Center Club, and collaborated with local career-transition organizations to make sure the event was accessible to communicators in search of new jobs.
  • Then we ended the year by turning our annual holiday celebration into a party with a purpose. Thanks to all of you who attended, we raised more than $700 for the Laura’s House Spirit of Empowerment program.

So thank you to my brilliant friends on the IABC/OC board and committees! Special thanks to Claudia, for her relentless passion, creativity and dedication to our organization.

And thank you for being the heart to IABC/OC. It has been a pleasure serving as your president, and I look forward to serving next year as your senior delegate to IABC International.

Happy New Year! We’ll see you in the ‘20s.

It will be the bee’s knees, and the cat’s pajamas. And how!

John Fabris
President, IABC Orange County

Want a boost in 2020? Join the inner circle

I’m staring at a stack of business cards that I picked up from interesting people this year. Scrawled on the back are the dates and topics of the IABC/OC events where I met each person.

You’ve probably collected a stack of your own. And one of those IABC connections might pay off big someday, right? Because in addition to learning from speakers at events, we learn from one another and share referrals and job leads.

So, yes, register for our November panel luncheon and IndyComm and our holiday party. But do one more thing this week: Click on our Volunteer page and consider how you can really link in.

Fact is, among all of the people I have met at IABC, a few stand out from the pack: the ones listed here on the IABC/OC Board of Directors, and the handful of others who serve on our committees.

Since I first joined the board in 2015, my board colleagues and I have toasted our successes, risen to challenges in the organization and in our personal lives, and helped each other out when one of us got in a pinch.

We have gotten to know one another.

On the board, I have met people with the imagination to think big, the brainpower to lead strategically, and the organizational skills to get things done. I have met people who combine authority with kindness to lead effectively — in ways that make volunteers choose to follow.

So when some of my board friends have been in the job hunt, it has been a joy to recommend them to prospective employers without reservation and to watch their efforts pay off.

As 2019 draws to a close, I want to say thank you to the amazing people I have met on the board. (Thank you!) Looking ahead, we soon will be putting together the ballot for the 2020 board. So I want to invite you to volunteer. If you’re interested — or curious — send me an email at JohnDFabris@gmail.com. We have big roles and small roles. Let’s talk.

People join professional organizations like IABC because they want to learn. Or because they want to meet people who can help them in their career. Or because they want to help others.

Wherever you fall on that scale, there’s no better way to reach that goal than by joining the inner circle as part of the IABC/OC board.

John Fabris
IABC/OC president, 2019

Join IABC in October: It’s an investment in your career, with a sweetener

[UPDATE: Membership Month deals have been extended through 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 7.]

Happy anniversary to me. Five years ago this month I clicked this link for the first time and never looked back. It’s the link to join IABC. Every October since then, I have not hesitated to renew.

Regardless of when you joined or last renewed, this month is the smartest (cheapest!) time to take the plunge. Just click the RENEW link on the top right of the IABC.com homepage.

I confess I paused as I enrolled the first time — on the page where you have to pull out a credit card and invest some money. But there are two reasons I pressed ahead, and continue to renew my membership at this time every year:

1. Because IABC membership pays off for your career better than any organization I have found.

2. Because October is Membership Month, the time when IABC International discounts memberships. And this year our local chapter, IABC/OC, is offering a free event as a special sweetener. (More on that below.)

Why join IABC?

When I compare IABC to other organizations, the first thing that stands out is how our members look out for one another. As I wrote in a previous President’s Letter, whether the crowd is small or large, I would describe our events as intimate. Supportive. With lots of laughs.

The other thing that stands out is the variety of communication disciplines we serve and draw from. We are communication strategists, writers, graphic designers, marketers, social media experts, journalists, photographers, editors and more. We draw professionals representing everything from public affairs, public relations, media relations and video production to corporate communications, human resources, employee communications and investor relations. We work for corporations, PR agencies, educational institutions and nonprofits. Many of us work independently.

Why is that span of expertise a good thing? In today’s world, successful communicators often wear multiple hats. A graphic designer might also do social media. A writer might do technical writing, script writing and journalism. So our Network & Knowledge series of monthly events provides education that serves a broad base rather than a tight vertical. As a side effect, we introduce you to a network of people in a variety of fields that need your talents.

Your membership includes free participation in IABC/OC IndyComm meetings, and an endless supply of materials at little or no cost via IABC International’s website (workshops, first dibs on jobs, award opportunities, articles, webinars, videos, a Hub for conversations and advice from members worldwide, and much more).

Your membership also makes you eligible to join the IABC/OC Board — where you learn the most, help the most, and make the best connections. We’ll soon be putting together the ballot for the 2020 board. So click that join link or renew before Oct. 31. And email me if you’d like to be on the board.

Why now?

I’m telling you all this now because October is Membership Month, and this year’s version is even better than years past:

• IABC International is offering its Membership Month discount — 10% off your International dues. Just type in the discount code “OCTOBER 10”.

• Plus our local chapter has a special sweetener: a Join & Go Offer. If you join or renew during October 2019, you will receive free admission to one upcoming IABC Orange County event.

When you join or renew by Oct. 31 and select Orange County as your chapter, you will receive an email from IABC Orange County with instructions on how to redeem your free event.
What if your membership doesn’t expire in October? It’s still smart to renew now. Your renewal will take effect for a full year starting when your current membership expires.

Get unglitched

This year, Membership Month is also an opportunity for people who were caught up in IABC International’s computer glitch.

Victoria Dew, IABC’s International Executive Board Chair, sent an email to all IABC members on Sept. 20 announcing the arrival of new IABC Interim Executive Director Erin McClain to “resolve some of the challenges we’ve faced this year.” Chief among those challenges were bugs in a technology rollout, which blocked people from registering and renewing. Also, some members might not have received their annual renewal notice.

If you’re not sure whether your membership is up to date, log on to IABC.com, click the “My IABC” button, then click “My Membership.” You’ll see your status.

The site is up and running now. So whatever your status, now’s a great time to join or renew.

If you have questions, please send an email to me or IABC/OC Vice President of Membership Tammy Nienaber.

We’re pleased to have you as a member.

John Fabris
IABC/OC president, 2019

“No greater time to be a member.” Conference in KC this fall.

In this month’s President’s Letter, you get three presidents for the price of one. I’m sharing the keyboard with Cathi Douglas, our chapter’s immediate past president, and Michael Shepherd, our 2017 chapter president, who now are helping increase the value of your IABC membership on a regional and international scale. Take it away, Cathi and Michael! John Fabris, IABC/OC president, 2019

New technology and communications efforts characterize World Conference in Vancouver
By CATHI DOUGLAS, Senior Delegate and Immediate Past President, IABC/OC

I was honored to represent the Orange County chapter at this year’s IABC World Conference in Vancouver, B.C., in June.

Along with about 1,500 committed IABC members who traveled to Canada from throughout the world, I took home newfound knowledge that will assist in my professional life and benefit our chapter.

I’m happy to report that IABC is financially strong. Notably the organization is committed to diversity and inclusion in all its key initiatives and has launched a new global communications effort with emphasis on online learning tools and a new print magazine.

As IABC’s outgoing chair, Ginger Homan, ABC, SCMP, remarked, “There is no greater time to be a member of IABC,” thanks to the organization’s improved technology; a new website that’s both user-friendly and full of best practices and information for communications professionals; and its commitment to “new communications for a new era.”

We can be proud that IABC joined 43 other professional organizations in condemning the murder of Saudi Arabian dissident and journalist Jamal Khashoggi and remains committed to supporting worldwide freedom of the press.

The organization is improving its well-recognized certification programs and offers scholarships to financially challenged communicators who want to pursue accreditation.

Keynote speakers and nationally known journalists Celeste Headley and Soledad O’Brien challenged professional communicators to become better listeners and to offer quality journalism to our companies and clients via internal and external content, both print and electronic.

IABC/OC member Angela Sinickas presented a breakout session on creative ways to use research tools to show ROI on communications efforts.

The next IABC World Conference takes place June 14-17 in Chicago.

First-ever IABC Super Regional Conference announced for fall 2019 in Kansas City
By MICHAEL SHEPHERD, Vice Chair, IABC Pacific Plains Region

Like the catchy advertising jingle for a popular chewing gum brand once reminded us, it’s time to “double your pleasure, double your fun!” That’s what leadership in two IABC regions decided to do when they opted to join forces and stage the first ever “Super Regional” Conference this fall in Kansas City, Missouri. And if you haven’t heard about it, consider this your invitation to attend!

Communications professionals from 39 chapters across the Pacific Plains and Southern regions of IABC will travel to the Midwest Oct. 16-18. The three-day event, themed “Connect2Comms,” features leadership development programming for IABC board members, skills training for all practitioner levels — including keynotes and educational breakouts — as well as an opportunity to earn formal GCCC accreditation, the global standard for communications excellence. (IABC Orange County is part of the Pacific Plains Region.)

This year’s event also marks the return of the IABC Silver Quills competition, recognizing outstanding performance across a range of disciplines and categories. Let’s make sure Orange County is well represented, both in terms of the nominations we submit as well as the number of practitioners who attend. To learn more or submit your work for consideration, follow the link here.

Stay tuned for more details — and let’s make plans for the OC to meet up in KC!

Meet the new IABCOC.com, where monthly events come first


I’m pleased to present the new, improved IABCOC.com — official website of IABC’s Orange County chapter. Click around and take a look.

The first thing you’ll see is a bold link to draw you into our Events page. That’s on purpose, because we have a diverse lineup of fun, informative events planned, and we want you to join us for as many as you can. The website makes it easier. Starting at IABCOC.com, you can register now for our July 9 event, and also see what’s coming up, so you can mark your calendar for the rest of the year.

IABC/OC has traditionally taken a break from events in busy July. But this year we will keep on rolling — on a Pedego Electric Bike. (Really.) You’ll meet the CEO and communications pros who created the Pedego brand and marketing sensation. You’ll have informative fun in the sun. The details, of course, are on the new IABCOC.com.

The new website is the work of our sponsors at Taylor Digital. Thank you to CEO Randy Taylor, Managing Director Lisa Thomas and the Taylor Digital team for supporting our chapter so brilliantly!

The site is more than just events. Click around and you’ll learn how to get involved and become a member or sponsor here in O.C. We also link to the vast resources available to communicators at IABC International. To give you a feel for our chapter, the site features bold photos from real IABC/OC events (many by O.C.’s best photojournalist, Mindy Schauer).

Like every website I’ve ever worked on, IABCOC.com will be a constant work in progress. So if you have any feedback, please send me a note at JohnDFabris@gmail.com.

See you this summer!

John Fabris
IABC/OC president, 2019

IABC/OC’s brand is you — and people who inspire you

If you have visited IABCOC.com at all these past few years, you know I’m a true believer in IABC — particularly the Orange County chapter.

Scrolling across the top of the homepage, with a mugshot of me, is this years-old quotation: “IABC/OC provides the education, inspiration, opportunities and connections to transform your career. As I set out in 2014 to launch a career in communications (after decades in journalism), I joined IABC and immediately got the support of the most generous communications professionals in Orange County.”

When I see that now, my first thought is, Oy, let’s finish our website makeover and get my giant face off of the homepage. (That’s happening soon, I promise.)

My second thought is this: I stand behind those words even more as time has passed.

IABC/OC is special because of the education we provide through our monthly Networking and Knowledge series, usually on the second Tuesday of each month, and our IndyComm gatherings for independent communicators — topical meetings every other month on a Wednesday evening. (Keep up with those events by following our LinkedIn page.)

Mostly, though, IABC/OC is special because of the people. Whether the crowd is small or large, I would describe our events and meetings as intimate. Supportive. And not too serious. The laughs alone are worth the trip.

You might call that our brand. But it’s really just who we are. It builds naturally because people who like that atmosphere come back for more.

That spirit of IABC/OC was never more evident than on May 14, at our Mixer and Structured Networking Event at the Center Club near South Coast Plaza. Participants ranged from students to high-ranking communications veterans. We got to know one another as creators, bosses, moms, dads, recent grads, and recovering workaholics. Half the people were in transition, seeking new jobs. We love to make career connections, and because networking is particularly important for job hunters watching their expenses, we offered a discount price for communicators in transition. (We’ll continue to do that.)

That evening, we were supposed to break up at 8 p.m., but nobody wanted to leave. Before I nudged the event to a close at about 8:30, a first-time participant shared a last piece of advice:

“Never stop networking — even if you’re in your dream job,” he said. “And when you network, remember it’s not about you. It’s about how you can help the other person.”

I think that guy just might fit in.

John Fabris
IABC/OC president, 2019