IABC-OC announced Roberta Coffin as the recipient of the 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award.
The Volunteer of the Year Award is awarded annually to an IABC-OC member whose efforts positively enhance the organization’s reputation and have contributed above and beyond the responsibilities of a volunteer role. The recipient is selected among a slate of nominees by the Board of Directors.
Roberta Coffin is a marketing communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in public relations, advertising, and marketing with a focus on media strategy and delivering integrated campaigns to drive results. Roberta served selflessly as Vice President, Finance for IABC-OC in 2015, and was instrumental in driving major improvements to the chapter’s fiscal responsibility, namely streamlining the online payment process for the Network and Knowledge Series. In addition to her active role as a local leader with IABC-OC, Roberta has long been involved with the American Association of University Women at both local and state levels.
“Roberta’s attention to detail and macro-view to what drives success in an organization makes her a model leader for IABC chapters around the nation,” said Sarah Willis, immediate past president and 2016 Senior Delegate.
“The Board of Directors chose Roberta especially because she exemplifies what IABC stands for,” said Judy Iannaccone, Vice President, Membership. “She is a strategic professional communicator who keeps her eye on organizational goals.”
The Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Roberta on January 19 during the first event in the 2016 Network and Knowledge Series at the University Club, UC Irvine.

2015 Volunteer of the Year Roberta Coffin with 2016 IABC-OC President Elaine Beliakoff
2015 Volunteer of the Year Roberta Coffin with 2016 IABC-OC President Elaine Beliakoff (Photo by Kim Evans)