We’ll help you start your year off right

It’s January – the time for new beginnings and getting off to a fresh start. With the holidays behind us, the new year is a welcome breath of fresh air.

But I’m not feeling it. And apparently, I’m not alone.

A Jan. 17 Fast Company story declares that we are least-productive in January. According to a study by the data collaboration software provider Redbooth, we complete just 7.2 percent of our yearly tasks this month. It should be 8.33 percent.

Fast Company sources list the ways we can jump-start our efficiency, including clearing our workspaces, ditching papers and files and cleaning old materials out of our computers. One of the tried-and-true ways to get on the right track is to concentrate on professional development.

Indeed, January is the perfect time to set our course toward a fulfilling new year:

  • IABC offers different ways to learn new skills. Click around on our organization’s website, www.iabc.com,  and you’ll see podcasts on best practices; online and on-demand workshops offering in-depth learning and skill-building knowledge; articles, webinars and videos – all of which are open to members for little to no cost.
  • IABC Orange County has monthly Network & Knowledge events. 2018 topics include our Marketing Science lunch (February 13) featuring speaker Jade Bunke who will take us on a tour of the brain and help us discover how marketing science influences consumers.
  • IABC hosts an international conference each year. The event attracts professional communicators from more than 30 countries. This year’s event takes place June 3-6 in Montreal. There is no better annual gathering for gaining a truly global perspective on business communication.
  • IABC Orange County offers unparalleled Orange County networking opportunities. These include our fabulous evening mixer in August and a festive, end-of-the-year party where you can celebrate the holidays with your colleagues.

As IABC Orange County president I am proud to invite you to join me at J.T. Schmidt’s at The District in Tustin on February 13. I trust you will find it to be stimulating, and just the push you need to escape the January doldrums.

Cathi Douglas
IABC/OC president, 2018