Cara RaffeleA good percentage of industry articles, webinars, and professional development programs for communicators that I receive through promotions are directly or indirectly centered on leadership. And for good reason. Leadership is everything. Well, okay, as we were critically reminded this year, our health is everything, along with family and some other important things. But leadership is a biggie in our work lives.

Leadership is tied to growth and success. It’s connected to integrity and work ethic. It drives the trajectory of our careers, the work we do, the teams we supervise, and those we mentor. In other words, leadership is ownership. Ownership of our future.

To be a good leader takes effort and a fair amount of self-awareness. And it’s a moving target. Good leaders never stop looking for ways to be better leaders. Through IABC, I’ve been fortunate to develop a network of talented colleagues who are leaders in the companies they own or serve. I’ve been able to expand my leadership skills by collaborating with them, whether through professional development opportunities or serving with them in leadership roles, such as on the IABC Orange County Board of Directors.

As we face challenges and empathize with others as they experience disruption due to the Coronavirus crisis, opportunities to strengthen our network and expand our knowledge and skills have taken on a particular urgency and importance. Being resilient is a group effort.

I invite you to join colleagues and develop your leadership skills by becoming involved in IABC OC. Whether you want to give back to your industry, lead side-by-side with industry peers, grow skills in a safe space, or add to your skills resume, serving on an IABC OC committee or Board may turn out to be a career-changing action.

Below is the 2021 Board of Directors slate. Please let any board member now if you are interested in participating in any of the areas listed below or would like to be considered for one of the open positions.

Thank you!

Cara Raffele

President, IABC Orange County


2021 IABC Orange County Board of Directors Slate:

President: Laura Perdew

President-Elect: OPEN POSITION

Senior Delegate: Cara Raffele

Vice President, Administration: Lisa Thomas

Vice President, Professional Development: Bridget Soden Mills

Vice President, Communications: Laura Perdew

Vice President, Finance: Sarah Willis

Vice President, Membership: Kim Evans

Vice President, IndyComm: Elaine Marshall

Director, Professional Development: OPEN POSITION

Director, Sponsorship: OPEN POSITION

Director, Social Media: OPEN POSITION