People worth following

Like many of you, my days are busy and my life is crazy. But somewhere between fielding media requests and keeping my editorial calendar in good form, I make time to follow experts that keep me informed and inspired. Here are some of my favorite people to follow:

The BraudCast. I’ve been following The BraudCast ever since I heard media training expert Gerard Braud speak at last year’s IABC World Conference. This guy is a pro, and his style is relaxed and straightforward. Why I follow him: Gerard gives bite-sized bits of best practices, like this short YouTube episode: “Should social media be part of your crisis communications strategy?

Shel Holtz. Always ahead of the game, Shel Holtz makes it his business to help communicators stay current on trends and technology. In a recent Friday Wrap, I learned that virtual appearances by hologram aren’t just for Stephen Hawking, given this Washington Post article: “Accenture’s CEO attends meeting as a hologram.”

IABC Speakers. I love our monthly Network and Knowledge Series because it exposes us to experts worth following. I’ve quickly become a fan of: Kate Peters, Joan Gladstone, Tyler Wagner, Raleigh Gerber, and Matt Clayman. When it comes to internal communications, Chuck Gose is my go-to expert. You’ll want to check out Chuck’s ICology podcasts on iTunes. And, I’m looking forward to our IABC event in June by Katie Wagner on “Social Media Storytelling” and how to dominate social media.

My network’s online engagement. My idea of ‘wasting time’ is scrolling through LinkedIn’s Pulse feed or seeing how my network is engaging with other thought leaders. Just today, fellow IABC member Robin McCasland shared a Business Insider article that had me laughing – check it out! “This résumé for Elon Musk proves you never, ever need to use more than one page.”

Who are your favorite people worth following?

Elaine Beliakoff
IABC/OC president, 2016