How’s your network doing? Does it need a boost? If you’re rating the strength of your network by how many links you have on LinkedIn or “likes” you have on Facebook, you might be missing the boat.   A strong network provides you access to information, resources and people.  It goes beyond simply having many links to being able to leverage those links to solve problems and create opportunities. One element that can’t be ignored when working to build and maintain a productive network is communication.  Those with the strongest networks are also often viewed as great communicators.  Good communication skills are essential to having a strong and productive network. There is no mistake; the best networkers ARE top-notch communicators.

By being involved with IABC and ensuring your communication skills are top notch, you are also strengthening your networking skills.  Our monthly luncheons and frequent mixers provide networking opportunities which are important to fine tuning interpersonal communication skills.  The topics we explore during our monthly Tuesday luncheons are varied and current, keeping you up-to-date in best-practice communication tools and strategies.  As an IABC member, you have the opportunity to expand your network through volunteering and working side-by-side with other professionals as you serve on a committee or on the board.

More value is gained than meets the eye when you’re active with IABC.  You stay networked, gain access to important communications information that can enhance your networking skills and in turn help you in your career. 

In August, we will take a break from our monthly Tuesday luncheons and instead host a networking mixer in the evening.  The venue is swanky and fun.  Take a break from the routine, join other communications professionals, expand your network and try out some of your communication skills. 

I look forward to seeing you on the evening of August 12.  As always I love hearing your stories about how your IABC membership has been a benefit to you!

Please feel free to reach out to me at 949.622.1218 or via email here.  Please follow the chapter onTwitter, like us on Facebook, and join our LinkedIn group.


Sarah Willis
President, IABC Orange County